Exploring Maryland's Charming Historic Homes

6. Montpelier Mansion

Montpelier Mansion in Laurel, Maryland, is a neoclassical home built in the late 18th century. The mansion features elegant Federal-style interiors and beautiful gardens. It's a window into the lifestyle of Maryland's early elite.

7. Historic Ellicott City

The entire town of Ellicott City is a historic gem. Its Main Street is lined with well-preserved 19th-century buildings that house unique shops, restaurants, and art galleries. Strolling through this charming town feels like stepping back in time.

8. Historic Annapolis

Annapolis, Maryland's capital, is a treasure trove of historic homes and landmarks. From the William Paca House and Garden to the Hammond-Harwood House, history buffs will find plenty to explore in this beautiful city.

9. Antietam National Battlefield

While not a home, Antietam National Battlefield near Sharpsburg features historic structures, including the Dunker Church and the Pry House Field Hospital Museum. It's a somber yet educational experience, offering insights into the Civil War era.

10. The Old Senate Chamber

Located within the Maryland State House in Annapolis, the Old Senate Chamber is a meticulously restored room where the Continental Congress met in 1783-1784. It's a piece of living history within Maryland's historic capital.

Exploring Maryland's historic homes and sites is like taking a journey through time. Whether you're interested in colonial architecture, Civil War history, or simply appreciate the stories that old homes tell, Maryland's historic properties have something to offer every history enthusiast.

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SEP 25.2023

Maryland is a state steeped in history, and its charming historic homes are a testament to the rich heritage of the region. If you're a history enthusiast or simply appreciate the character and craftsmanship of older homes, Maryland has a treasure trove of historic properties waiting to be explored. In this blog post, we'll take you on a journey through some of the state's most captivating historic homes.

1. Hampton National Historic Site

Located in Towson, the Hampton National Historic Site is a well-preserved estate that offers a glimpse into early 19th-century life. The mansion, built in 1790, is a masterpiece of Georgian architecture. The expansive grounds feature beautiful gardens and a collection of historic artifacts.

2. Historic St. Mary's City

Step back in time at Historic St. Mary's City, a living history museum in southern Maryland. This site replicates the 17th-century capital of Maryland and showcases historic homes, including the reconstructed State House of 1676. It's a fascinating journey into Maryland's colonial past.

3. Mount Clare Museum House

Located in Baltimore, Mount Clare Museum House is a Georgian-style mansion built in the mid-18th century. It's considered one of the finest examples of colonial architecture in the city. Visitors can explore the elegant rooms and beautifully landscaped gardens.

4. Sotterley Plantation

Sotterley Plantation in Hollywood, Maryland, is a well-preserved 18th-century plantation with a stunning manor house. This historic site offers guided tours that delve into the lives of those who lived and worked on the plantation, including both the owners and enslaved individuals.

5. Wye House

Wye House, located near Easton, is an iconic Georgian plantation home that dates back to the 18th century. It's famous for its association with Frederick Douglass, who was enslaved here as a child. The house is still privately owned but is occasionally open for tours.